Genomes. DNA. Screening. All quite scary stuff to the non-scientists, academics and clinicians amongst us.

Which presents a problem if you need 100,000 people to put their human genomes on the medical data base to enable the scientists and the clinicians to prove that we can move from the old model of Curative (deal with it when it happens) to a new Preventative one (stop it happening in the first place).

Especially if you can’t even have a conversation about it without people running for the door.

So Socialising The Genome set out to try and find just that: a better conversation.

So a new research methodology mixing academic exploration and creative storytelling was developed with Dr Anna Middleton of the Sanger Institute, an insight ladder designed, and some initial conversation starter ideas rooted in scientific fact were created.

6 short playful Conversation starter films were created, hosted on with a questionnaire. They were researched with a UK representative sample – and the results curated.

The next stage of more sophisticated film-making begins in 2017

This was a 9 Yrd production—mainly Sparks

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