In the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games, Paralympics Team GB thought they needed a fund raising film. They actually needed a pride raising film.

A Superheroes Superhuman strategy was developed to raise the bar on how Paralympians are perceived – by themselves as much as anyone else – to remove the second class Olympian stigma that still surrounded them.

The strategy was bought to life through a film with a “Live & Let Die’ anthem begged off Sir Paul McCartney.

The film was supported by multiple print campaigns and executions driving traffic to a GAME ON GAME OFF social platform – where people could meet particular featured athletes both on and off the track and field through special facebook pages.

Super Heroes Super Humans created the foundation brief for Channel 4’s Paralympic 2012 programming and content.

This was a 50/50 production—Sparks and Spanners

SOURCE: Saatchi


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